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01 Feb 2001 01:41 tychay

Sablotron 0.50 & PHP

Sablotron is a portable XSL-T (eXtensible Stylesheet Language-Transform) processor written in C . It is considered fast and is an alternate to the Apache projects Xalan processor (

With 0.50, Sablotron finally adds the much needed <xsl:sort> support. Note that in order to use it you must download the SourceForge version of Expat (

It currently does not compile with the latest distribution of PHP. This is because PHP assumes previous versions of Sablotron. To get it to work, download a latest snapshot of PHP ( and overwrite your distribution's ext/sablot with the one in there. You also might need to add the compile lines --with-sablot=/usr/local and --with-expat=/usr/local


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