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Release Notes: This version adds an invalid token to lexer exceptions, allows for custom push back buffers, and divides the parser method into smaller methods.

Release Notes: This version uses unsigned shift left instead of integer division by 2 for binary search.

Release Notes: This alpha version brings an improved and complete grammar. It also adds documentation comments and JUnit tests.

Release Notes: This alpha version brings improved syntax for lexer specifications, including an exponent operator and the "Any" keyword. It also adds robust and intuitive SableCC-based command line parsing. This version is able to parse new lexer specifications and do partial semantic verifications.

Release Notes: This alpha version brings the automaton package to transform regular expressions into minimal DFAs using minimal alphabets, and proposes a new syntax for specifying SableCC 4 lexers. It also provides complete Javadoc documentation and JUnit testing of the alphabet package.

Release Notes: This alpha version introduces code to efficiently manage alphabets of symbols made of sets of intervals. It also provides automated builds using Ant and automated testing using JUnit.

Release Notes: SableCC now generates generic Java code.

Release Notes: The magic property "sablecc.debug" and a new error recovery mechanism (experimental) have been added. The command line argument order has been fixed, and there are other minor fixes.

Release Notes: New features include automatic generation of tools ("--with-tools" command line option), performance enhancements, and jikes compiler compatibility


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