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SableCC is a parser generator that generates fully featured object-oriented frameworks for building compilers, interpreters, and other text parsers. In particular, generated frameworks include intuitive strictly-typed abstract syntax trees and tree walkers. SableCC also keeps a clean separation between machine-generated code and user-written code, which leads to a shorter development cycle.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: This version adds an invalid token to lexer exceptions, allows for custom push back buffers, and divides the parser method into smaller methods.

  •  20 Aug 2012 21:25

Release Notes: This version fixes a bug in the setter of list elements and an inlining bug.

Release Notes: This version uses unsigned shift left instead of integer division by 2 for binary search.

  •  24 Jul 2012 07:03

Release Notes: This version fixes a bug where SableCC was trying to inline the Start production.

  •  25 Jun 2012 21:42

Release Notes: This version fixes a small bug where lists were not deeply cloned.


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