Version 2.3 of S3QL

Release Notes: Reading the file system passphrase from the authinfo2 file is now working again. The precedence of the authinfo2 sections has been fixed to agree with the documentation: later entries override earlier entries rather than the other way around. This release fixes a problem with mount.s3ql not recognizing the upgraded revision when `s3qladm upgrade` was run with a different --cachedir argument. This release fixes a crash in the s3 backend when multiple objects are deleted and the s3 connection needs to be re-established.

    Other releases

    •  30 Mar 2014 16:50

      Release Notes: There are no changes in S3QL itself. The S3QL 2.8 tarball accidentally included a copy of the Python dugong module; this has been fixed.

      •  15 Mar 2014 02:17

        Release Notes: Fixes various problems with using a proxy server. Sending SIGUSR1 to mount.s3ql now generates a stack trace (debugging feature). When passing --installed to the test runner, S3QL commands are now loaded from $PATH instead of the packages bin/ directory. The script now comes with the correct shebang (i.e. it can now be called as "./" instead of "python3"). S3QL now requires the Python Dugong module. A filesystem hang when all upload threads encountered unexpected backend problems has been fixed.

        •  17 Dec 2013 11:34

          Release Notes: Another race condition that could lead to mount.s3ql crashing with `ValueError: I/O operation on closed file` was fixed. S3QL now stores multiple copies of the master encryption key to allow recovery if the backend loses the object holding the primary copy. A problem with automatic cache size detection was fixed (mount.s3ql was treating bytes as kilobytes). An "AttributeError in LegacyDecryptDecompressFilter" crash when reading objects written by old S3QL versions was fixed. A problem with umount.s3ql giving a strange error when the mountpoint is still in use was fixed.

          •  05 Dec 2013 00:55

            Release Notes: Various changes were made.

            •  27 Oct 2013 22:40

              Release Notes: Fixes a crash when statvfs() is called on an almost empty filesystem (which may happen automatically when using some desktop environments, resulting in an immediate crash after mounting an empty filesystem). Fixes another race condition that could lead to the (apparent) vanishing of the file system metadata when the mount.s3ql is killed at an unfortunate time.


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