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s3d is a 3D network display server which can be used as a 3D desktop environment.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 May 2011 20:11

    Release Notes: Generates documentation from source code. Allows pseudo-global optimizations for each module using -DENABLE_FINAL=ON as a cmake parameter. Supports batman-adv visualization output and IPv6 addresses in meshs3d. Adds better support for libraries in unusual places using pkg-config. Support of systems with unusual named OpenGL headers through SDL. Depends on libgps 2.90 for s3dosm GPS support, as it is the first version with longer binary and API stability. Removes BSD PTY support in favor of Unix98 PTYs for s3dvt. Support to build s3d as a position independent executable.

    •  11 Jul 2009 15:48

      Release Notes: A sigbus on MIPS was fixed. Wrong send commands by libs3d were fixed. Endian safe floats are generated when sending over the network. libg3d 0.0.7 is supported. Build failures were corrected with newer cmake and gpsd. s3dosm was ported to API version 0.6 of Object files with unknown copyright situation were removed. The number of libraries an executable links against was reduced. Compilation under Cygwin was enabled. File loading on systems with CRLF newlines was corrected. API documentation is built with xmlto instead of docbook2html. Other smaller bugs were fixed.

      •  27 Aug 2008 20:49

        Release Notes: GLUT-specific parts were removed from the server. The server will generate mipmaps for textures. SHM connected server and clients will now share their texture buffers over shm. Clients will only send update notices to inform the server. s3dosm is now OSM API 0.5 compatible. There are now C++ compatible API headers (no ABI changes). Various bugs have been fixed.

        •  25 Oct 2007 12:11

          Release Notes: cmake was employed, as it seems to be faster, more configurable and at least comprehensible. meshs3d is a complete rewrite of olsrs3d, using faster data structures and clean design. s3dosm is a new program for navigating on openstreetmap maps. It has GPS support, superseding the old s3dgps which operated on bitmap map files. kism3d visualizes wireless networks and works as a front-end to kismet. There were minor improvements and fixes for major bugs.

          •  19 Sep 2006 12:10

            Release Notes: Libg3d now reads lots of different 3D model formats. Olsrs3d has some new features like searching for nodes. A new widget library was added, which gives some nice 3D windows in the 3D space.


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