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Ryan's In/Out Board

Ryan's In/Out Board is a Perl driven in/out board for small to medium-sized organizations whose staff need to be aware of the other staff members' whereabouts. It displays the name, phone, status, comments, and date/time for each staff member. Staff are able to quickly change their status by either clicking on their name or calling the main script with a "name" parameter. Standard comments are provided but can be added to or replaced by any comment the user wishes. With the aid of a cron job or scheduled task, it will also clear all staff as OUT every night, without removing any comments they have entered. It has a simple and clear interface and users can also search for the status of any staff member. The generated page can be automatically refreshed at your chosen interval and status colors are defined by you. It also displays staff internal phone numbers and you can use your own header and footer files. Staff can be grouped into teams or departments.


Recent releases

  •  14 May 2007 17:29

    Release Notes: Optional departments for users have been added. The resulting board can be filtered to show only one team or department. Sorting by any field in either direction is possible simply by clicking the field title. Security checks are in place to increase data file integrity. Additional refresh when changing to avoid a situation where auto-refresh occurs as a user submits data. The code has been tidied up: now "use strict;" works.

    •  28 Jun 2006 14:20

      Release Notes: A bug was fixed in the search script. It was returning all entries in place of the actual search results.

      •  24 Mar 2006 18:43

        Release Notes: A few people were having problems with data files not being written to. This version will print read/write errors to the browser if it encounters them. It does not fix any read/write issues similar to the ones people were experiencing, because there's nothing to fix as such. Those errors were related to filesystem permissions and thus beyond the realm of the script.

        •  26 Nov 2005 02:16

          Release Notes: Additional installation information for Windows. The HTML output is now much more configurable using CSS. Things such as colours, table borders, and font size and family can all be set in the config file. HTML output (if not using your own header file) is fully W3C compliant. You can set the layout order of the columns (name, mail, date, etc.) in the config file. The scripts have been generally tidied with common routines in the config file.

          •  15 Oct 2004 18:48

            Release Notes: Bugfixes to search and the main script to facilitate personalized header files.


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