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15 Jan 2005 00:57 dtw

Re: Transparent Scrollbar

> as the scrollbar is already trasnparent

> - what are you missing?

ah - sorry dude - when did you add that?

18 Dec 2004 17:18 pcg1

future feature requests or bug reports
Future feature requests or bug reports on freshmeat are likely to be ignored by the rxvt-unicode author.

Better use <> for that.

If you don't intend to communicate with the author, feel free to use freshmeat, though :)

18 Dec 2004 17:16 pcg1

Re: Great work on v4.0
as screen has no way to turn on italic, i wonder how it can display it as reverse? please note that screen is a different terminal than rxvt-unicode and uses it's own set of control sequences.

it might be possible to maske screen learn italic, though. I am not sure.

18 Dec 2004 13:47 InfinityX

Great work on v4.0
As the subject says the new version is simply fantastic, the increase in xft rendering speed is phenomenal as well, I can finally use transparency without any visible slowdown. The inclusion of bold and italic font support makes it without a doubt the best terminal emulator on my system.

The only problem I've seen so far is that italic and italic-bold text gets reverse-videoed when using GNU Screen, is this a Screen problem or have I not set urxvt up correctly?

17 Dec 2004 00:32 pcg1

Re: Bug reports
Indeed, it's better to contact the list or the author directly. Comments on freshmeat get overlooked easily, and certainly there will be no timely response on freshmeat.

17 Dec 2004 00:31 pcg1

Re: out_of_input error
I can only imagine that your compiler lacks exyception support - did you disable exceptions when compiling rxvt-unicode, or maybe your gcc was configured for the wrong exception system=

17 Dec 2004 00:30 pcg1

Re: Transparent Scrollbar
as the scrollbar is already trasnparent - what are you missing?

16 Dec 2004 23:31 dtw

Transparent Scrollbar
Please try to add support for a transparent scrollbar as seen in aterm - thanks for continuing a fantastic project!

31 Oct 2004 13:32 bushwacka

out_of_input error
Rxvt-unicode has been flawless in just about every way. The single thing that happens, and this is reproducible on my system everytime, is if I open a man page, and proceed to scroll, I will eventuall get an out_of_input error and rxvt-unicode will terminate.

"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'out_of_input'


I run a 2.6.8 kernel with a Gentoo install.

08 Oct 2004 17:57 ikaro

scrooling text prints artifacts
im using urxvt 4.0 and I have this problem with the terminal, that whenever there is text scrooling ( a simple ls is enought ) artifacts are printed all over the terminal.

a snapshot to illustrate the problem:

is this a known bug ? anyone have a fix ? :)



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