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Rx4RDF is a set of technologies designed to make W3C's RDF less complex and easier to use. It includes RxPath, which enables one to use familar XML technologies like XPath, XSLT, and XUpdate to query, transform and update an RDF model, Raccoon, an application server that uses an RDF model for its data store and RxPath to translate arbitrary requests to RDF resources, and ZML and RxML, alternative text formats for XML and RDF that were designed to allow novices to write XML and RDF with (nearly) the same ease as a Wiki entry.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2006 08:02

    Release Notes: The RxPath data engine now uses a simple but optimizing query engine and is much faster. It also now supports RDF named graphs (RDF contexts). It is now easier to use RxPath in XML contexts, such as an XSLT page. Other improvements include better support for 3rd-party RDF libraries and RDF stores. Finally, Rhizome-Wiki has many new features based on these changes.

    •  26 Oct 2005 17:45

      Release Notes: This release contains a significantly restructured Raccoon application server that now supports both XML and RDF data stores, and adds a two-phase commit transaction coordinator and support for SQL-like triggers. It can now run multiple applications in the same process, each owning part of the URL namespace. Other changes include Schematron support for RxPath and a new user interface for the Rhizome Wiki.

      •  26 Jan 2005 22:44

        Release Notes: This release add support for RDF Schema (subclasses and subproperties), along with minor changes to the RxPath specification. Other changes include UI enhancements to Rhizome, improved installation, and several bugfixes.

        •  25 Nov 2004 11:46

          Release Notes: This release added themes to ease the customization of the UI, more security enhancements (including HTML sanitizing), and compatibility with 4Suite 1.0a4, which enables OS X support. Many bugfixes were made and smoother installation and more friendly command line handling were implemented.

          •  13 Oct 2004 20:18

            Release Notes: Rhizome gains full-text indexing, browsing and grouping by keyword, summary views, better support for RDF/XML, diffing of revisions, and several usability enhancements. Raccoon has several improvements to performance, security, and error handling. RxML and ZML have been made more user-friendly with simpler syntax and better documentation. RxPath adds support for RDFLib. There is better support for non-ASCII content throughout all sub-systems.


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