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  •  20 Dec 2008 16:35

Release Notes: The alt_getopt.awk module was added, which implements a "getopt" function compatible with the "Utility Syntax Guidelines" described in the "Single UNIX Specification". A fix was made for FreeBSD make MK scripts. Heuristics for adding "-" to the list of awk's arguments were improved to conform to the "Utility Syntax Guidelines".

  •  12 Jul 2008 19:03

Release Notes: A temporary file is not needed anymore for the -e option. #env now works under Linux/glibc. A compilation error under FreeBSD was fixed. Lots of new regression tests and code clean-ups were added. fgetln is not required anymore. If an error happens while processing a #directive, a correct line number is printed.

  •  16 Jun 2008 03:55

Release Notes: The -v|--assign option was added, which works like AWK's -v option. This is to pass some variables to the AWK interpreter. For example, "runawk -v var=123 -e 'BEGIN {print var }'". Better error messages and clean-ups were added in modules/xgetline.awk. NR is also printed to stderr in modules/abort.awk. Minor fixes were made in *.c. Clean-ups and fixes were made in "make test", so it no longer depends on the author's own system and runawk directory. The Makefile was ported to the ancient pmake-1.45 found in some Linux distributions.


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