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  •  12 Sep 2013 00:29

    Release Notes: The options -i, -I, and all long options were completely removed. The option -T was added for tabbed input. The option -v is documented in the man page. Fixes for gcc compilation warnings. Fixes for compilation with non-empty MAKEOBJDIR. Typo fixes in NEW, runcmd.awk, and man pages.

    •  18 Nov 2012 19:24

      Release Notes: A bug in removing subdirectories in a temporary directory was fixed. Improvements for runawk_modules.3.

      •  10 Sep 2012 22:46

        Release Notes: paexec(1) doesn't use system(3) anymore for removing the temporary directory. The function print_help() was moved from the power_getopt.awk module to init_getopt.awk.

        •  20 Aug 2012 00:11

          Release Notes: This release adds runawk_modules.3 where all modules are documented, deprecates long options, removes the -i and -I options, and includes man pages in the distribution tarball so pod2man is not needed for building.

          •  22 Jul 2012 16:24

            Release Notes: The path to the awk interpreter is detected at build time (not hardcoded /usr/bin/awk). This fixes runawk on, for example, Haiku. Minor fixes in the documentation. Clean-ups and improvements in the build system.

            •  03 Dec 2011 00:08

              Release Notes: In exitnow.awk, the exitnow(status) function now finishes the execution of the script without running END sections even if status == 0. The new module io.awk includes the functions is_{file,dir,exec,socket,fifo,blockdev,chardev,symlink}, file_size, and file_type. tokenre.awk has the new function splitre0().

              •  09 Oct 2011 21:48

                Release Notes: Internal arrays are now relocated automatically. This fixes use of runawk(1) in combination with xargs(1), e.g., cat files.txt | xargs runawk -e '...'.

                •  04 Jan 2011 21:37

                  Release Notes: A fix for an Intel C compiler warning message. A fix for the function shquote() from modules/shquote.awk. The source code of the project has been reorganized, thus allowing an easy installation of any subproject: examples, modules, runawk, alt_getopt, and doc (TODO, README, etc. files).

                  •  23 Oct 2010 05:48

                    Release Notes: The build system has been changed from BSD mk files to mk-configure. New "heapsort_fields" and "heapsort0" functions were added to the heapsort.awk module. A "splitre" function was added to tokenre.awk.

                    •  07 Oct 2010 04:39

                      Release Notes: A -F option was added. New ord.awwas ftrans_in.awk, and glob.awk modules were included. A new alt_getopt executable was included for parsing short and long options in shell scripts. New min3, min4, min5, min_key, min_value, and key_of_min_value (min.awk), and max3, max4, max5, max_key, max_value, and key_of_max_value (max.awk) functions were provided. New samples were added: examples/demo_minmax, examples/demo_tokenre3, examples/demo_ftrans, examples/demo_glob*. A new feature was added in multisub.awk. Minor improvements were made in the installation procedure.


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