Version 0.26.2 of Rudiments

Release Notes: This release adds support for Fedora Core 1 and Mac OS 10.2.

Other releases

  •  31 Mar 2014 21:45

    Release Notes: Lots of small improvements to windows support were made. A waitpid wrapper was added.

    •  31 Jan 2014 13:58

      Release Notes: Windows support was added for most classes. A bug was fixed that caused all socket connections with timeouts to fail. Support for microseconds was added to the datetime class.

      •  07 Nov 2013 00:31

        Release Notes: Errors in the documentation and bugs related to building on SCO OSR 5.0.0 and some libc5 systems have been fixed.

        •  31 Oct 2013 07:28

          Release Notes: Support for Multiarch systems has been added. A few memory leaks were fixed. A few small optimizations have been made to the filedescriptor and xmlsax classes. Several unlikely-to-be-used static convenience methods have been removed to reduce the overall size of the library.

          •  26 Sep 2013 08:54

            Release Notes: Lots of minor modifications were made to support older platforms and compilers. Several classes and methods were renamed to avoid collisions on platforms that use macros to alias functions. The daemonprocess class has been merged into the process class. Thread support is no longer required, but used if available. The linkedlist and dictionary classes have been refactored and simplified. Vsnprintf has been wrapped and printf-like methods have been added to various classes. There is now a 64-bit build option on Windows.


            Project Spotlight


            A library for making high-quality scientific graphics.


            Project Spotlight


            A portable C implementation of the JBIG1 standard.