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Ruby webgen

webgen is a Web site generator implemented in Ruby. It is used to generate static Web sites from templates and page files. It is fast, easy to use, and extensible.


RSS Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2014 18:47

    Release Notes: This release brings some noticeable performance enhancements, especially if you use the newest kramdown version.

    •  30 Dec 2013 19:52

      Release Notes: This release add two new tag options and fixes two bugs. Updating is recommended.

      •  02 Sep 2013 21:18

        Release Notes: This is a complete rewrite of 0.5.x, with major enhancements to the extensions system and partial site generation.

        •  14 Apr 2010 19:42

          Release Notes: There are two minor changes and some bug fixes. The output of the meta information tag is now escaped by default. This can be changed by setting the 'tag.metainfo.escape_html` option in the configuration file. A rake task for showing outdated translations has been added.

          •  15 Feb 2010 10:51

            Release Notes: Two new content processors have been added: kramdown for better and faster Markdown support (which is also the default from now on) and LESS for easy CSS file creation. The content processor head has been updated to handle arbitrary link tags. Aside from these changes, many bugs have been fixed.

            RSS Recent comments

            25 Feb 2006 16:40 1i

            good work done!
            ...ruby webgen is just exactly what I needed.


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