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Ruby/AWS is a high-level Ruby language interface to the Amazon Associates Web Service API v4. It aims to automate and remove the grunt work of interacting with the Amazon API and, in so doing, make it much easier to use. Ruby/AWS is the successor to Ruby/Amazon.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Mar 2010 12:41

    Release Notes: Operation#query_parameters was faulty, because it had accidentally been defined outside the Operation class. This meant that it wasn't in the correct namespace, causing libraries that included Ruby/AWS to place that method in a namespace unreachable by Ruby/AWS. In determining the home directory location of the .amazonrc file, ENV['HOMEDRIVE'] was mistakenly concatenated with ENV['HOMEPATH'] without first checking that both were defined. The version of the AWS API used is now 2009-11-01, the latest at the time of writing.

    •  21 Feb 2010 14:52

      Release Notes: The batching and MultipleOperation code has been completely rewritten, fixing all known bugs in the process. Response groups can no longer be specified with Request#search. Instead, assignment is done directly to the @response_group of the operation in question. Only Ruby 1.8.6 is now required. Previously, Ruby 1.8.7 was required. Lots of Linux distributions still include Ruby 1.8.6. The version of the AWS API used is now 2009-10-01, the latest at the time of writing. Many other small bugs have been fixed.

      •  16 Jun 2009 13:10

        Release Notes: Shorthand module methods were added to make quick requests to AWS even quicker. Response groups can now be internal to Operation objects, rather than passed to Request#search. Ruby/AWS is now compatible with Ruby 1.9. A Request timestamping bug was fixed for Windows platforms. New search indices were added.

        •  26 May 2009 18:10

          Release Notes: AWS requests can now be signed for authentication by Amazon. Ruby/AWS will now convert strings to UTF-8 from some other encoding. The configuration file supports new 'secret_key_id' and 'encoding' parameters. Errno::ECONNREFUSED, Errno::ECONNABORTED, Errno::ETIMEDOUT, and Timeout::Error are now all caught and handled when communicating with the AWS servers. AWS API revision 2009-03-31 is now used for all calls.

          •  28 Mar 2009 23:35

            Release Notes: Errno::EPIPE on server connections is now caught (Errno::ECONNRESET was already caught). This can occur when the connection times out due to lack of use. The version of the AWS API used is now 2009-02-01, the latest at the time of writing. The sequence numbering of shopping cart items incorrectly started from 2 instead of 1, but didn't cause a problem in practice.


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