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  •  17 Apr 2012 03:24

Release Notes: This version is a technical preview, indicating the development direction of the RT-Thread, and it’s not suitable for product development yet. The main improvement of this version is the new initialization module for the components, new DeviceDriver framework (SPI, SDIO), newly ported jffs2 and yaffs2 filesystems, and virtualised configuring of rtconfig.h in Eclipse.

  •  01 Jan 2012 00:38

Release Notes: This is a stable version following the 0.4.0 test version. It fixes a renaming issue in the device virtual filesystem, an object name copying issue, and verification of the multi-ethernet interface in the lwIP TCP/IP stack. It supports cortex-m4 in STM32F4, LM4F, etc. It rewrites the cortex-m3 porting to unify code.

  •  27 Jan 2011 07:33

Release Notes: FTK (funny toolkit) was merged into the RT-Thread project, providing GUIs with modern features such as window animation and an Android-like interface. This demo currently supports the s3c2440 branch only.

  •  30 Nov 2010 21:40

Release Notes: This version includes initial POSIX standard compatibility, a POSIX thread interface, and full newlib porting. In addition, an application module has been introduced that can be dynamically loaded and unloaded. When an application module unloads, all resource allocated in this module will be cleaned up. It's just like a user application. In 0.4.0, new porting branches are also introduced, such as loongson-I SoC3210 (a MIPS 32-bit core), AVR32 (a big endian architecture), etc.

  •  29 Sep 2010 11:40

    Release Notes: This is a bug fix version that fixes an OS tick overflow issue, a timer delay expiration issue, and an rt_realloc function issue. The memory allocator and kernel object structure were optimized for alignment. This release also adds STM32F100 support. An SD card driver and Ethernet interface driver for LPC176x were added.

    •  19 Apr 2010 00:01

    Release Notes: This series branch includes: Device Virtual File System, ARM Cortex-M3 porting (includes STM32F10x, TI LM3S, NXP LPC176x, etc.), and an RT-Thread/GUI component. Compilers: RealView ARMCC, IAR Compiler, and GNU GCC.


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