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Release Notes: The version path and property storages have been redesigned, resulting in a notable speedup for certain use cases. An issue that could have led to unloadable dumps when dumping subdirectories has been resolved.

  •  12 Mar 2012 02:54

Release Notes: This release fixes two bugs that could cause invalid dump output. The first one occurred when directories were copied that were once created by a replace option; the second one occurred during copy operations that also involved modifications on subdirectories in a single revision.

Release Notes: This version fixes possibly invalid dump output when run with --keep-revnums. The --dry-run and --obfuscate command line flags have been added to ease the submission of dumps for bug reports.

Release Notes: This release includes performance improvements for revision range determination and path hash calculations. A bug that could cause unloadable dumps under certain conditions as well as a possible segmentation fault have been fixed. The CodeBlocks project file for Compilation on Windows has been fixed.

  •  03 Mar 2011 00:13

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in 0.5.3 that could lead to crashes when dumping a subdirectory. Additionally, performance issues caused by unnecessary stats for copied revisions have been fixed.

  •  13 Feb 2011 08:53

Release Notes: This release fixes dumping with text deltas, which didn't reduce the resulting dump size. Additionally, support for the --config-dir option of the normal svn command-line client has been added, and a couple of minor issues have been fixed.

  •  16 Dec 2009 08:11

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of serious issues, including a bug that could prevent directory properties from being dumped, as well as a bug that could result in an unloadable dump file.

  •  17 Jul 2009 10:27

Release Notes: This release fixes possibly wrong Node-copyfrom-rev revision numbers and a possible segmentation fault that occurred when dumping in incremental mode and starting at revision 1.

  •  11 Jul 2009 19:31

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused properties to get dropped silently as well as a few memory leaks. Additonally, building with MSVC has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release has many new features and some bugfixes. The major improvements include support for incremental dumps and deltas. Among others, a bug that could lead to missing file contents if a file has been copied and modified in the same revision has been fixed.


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