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20 Jan 2008 04:54 liurui

a XML accelerater
I wrote a XML accelerater based on Smartlib. Please consult:

13 Apr 2007 01:09 liurui

Add Solaris support
This release includes an implementation of SUN Solaris (SPARC) using gcc

24 Feb 2007 17:50 liurui

Unix support
I provided implementations of old version Regular Statement String for Solaris and HP-UX before. But I do not have those Unix boxes at hand now.

24 Oct 2005 20:09 liurui

Regular Statement String
Any comments from the users who use or test the project are welcomed. Please send comments to

27 Dec 2004 00:14 man314159

It's good for end user interface
I try to build some end user interface for our system with this regular statement string. It's pretty good. Thanks.

18 Jan 2004 20:34 woodenheadman1

Things are not so difficult
It's a really interesting article

21 Dec 2003 08:15 liurui

A new development method
"Named parameters" or hash management is only one feature in RSS. RSS is a quite different method from OO. For example, I never care about objects when I write RSS client applications. I only care about states of RSS interface. For example, I use an RSS "Action" named "open" to open a room; I don't consider there is a room object related with current instance. I only consider that now there's a more room ID that I can use in the RSS application. All resource management is by RSS server program.

The other issue is performance. I know this kind of development method may be slower, but not always slower. There are 2 aims for a developer to choose an API. One aim is to use the API to build up a high speed service system. (For example, he wants to build a HTTP server with SOCKS API.) The other aim is to use the API to do some particular job with a related but independent system. (For example, he wants to search something in a GIS.) The latter is suitable for RSSI because the developer only invocates some Actions of RSS and he only tells RSS server what he want. The RSS server program will find a best and maybe fastest way to do the job. The other strongpoint of RSS is encapsulation. The RSS server program may be upgraded or even change to another independent system. (For example, he chooses another GIS.) He do not need to change anything of the client program because RSS client application development is only related with the RSS API manual and decoupled with the implementation.

25 Nov 2003 21:53 liurui

A simple way to build easy-to-use libraries
Thanks the comments from Aaron.

From outside view, my project is likely a combination of special enhanced hash management and a simple state machine. However it is really capable of building an easy-to-use and language-neutral interface in only one step.

I would not want to invent new languages or new types as Prolog and CLIPS do. My purpose is to find a way to develop "simplest" libraries of interfaces for independent systems. One junior developer may learn that interface from the corresponding manual within a few minutes. And he (she) does not need to know the whole picture of the component models of the system architecture.

My method is as easy as ANSI C, but more expressive, more flexible, and no naming conflict problem.

25 Nov 2003 10:03 ajsajscom

hash library?
I hate to come off as flaming someone who has obviously spent a great deal of time putting together software for others, but this library seems to me like a combination of hash management and the rudiments of a state machine. Am I missing something?

It has become fashionable to create your own "programming paradigm", but it would be nice if those who do so would come up with more than just a new way of stringing together old libraries.

This model, for example can easily be followed to the logical conclusion of being an expert system. While that model of programming may have fallen out of favor, I think it would be good for the author to look over languages such as CLIPS and Prolog and systems such as make before continuing with a half-way effort at re-implementing some of their features.

14 Feb 2003 21:37 woodenheadman1

It's useful to my EAI system
I think it can be used in my EAI system. It is helpful to avoid a lot of complex data mapping.


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