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  •  22 Jun 2008 13:30

Release Notes: Several minor flaws found in rpm-5.1.3 have been repaired.

  •  15 Jun 2008 18:30

Release Notes: This release includes rpmrepo (to generate repository metadata), rpmmtree (an enhanced version of the BSD mtree(8) program), and rpmdigest (an analogue of the GNU coreutils digest programs with support for URIs and additional digest/hash/CRC algorithms). Internally, it has been upgraded to use db 4.7.25 and Lua 5.1.3. LZMA uses liblzma rather than external helpers. noarch sub-packages and identically named sub-packages with different versions are supported. Additional query format extensions to transform package metadata were added. Indentation issues dumping package metadata using YAML are fixed.

  •  25 May 2008 06:37

Release Notes: Additional query format extensions have been added to handle encoding and UUID generation of package metadata. Additional *.rpm package file information (stat(2) and file digest) are now saved in an rpmdb persistently. Build options and make targets for LCOV/GCOV "make check" coverage have been added. The rpmdb is now opened earlier so that pubkeys are available when querying package files. Access of file paths in headers through rpm-python was fixed.

  •  29 Apr 2008 22:17

Release Notes: A flaw in splitting package name/version/release/arch with a modified configuration has been fixed. Certain types of damage in *.rpm packages are now detected more reliably.

  •  14 Apr 2008 10:58

Release Notes: This release starts to address non-package representations of metadata, including adding additional CLI options to generate SQL input statements and XML mark-up that are currently used for RPM software distribution.

  •  14 Apr 2008 10:57

Release Notes: This release incorporates over 300 distinguished fixes and improvements. Most notably, it provides a lot of additional macro and Lua scripting functionality (UUID generation, path resolution, text-processing, etc.), supports initial path-to-repository expansions on the command line ("+N-V-R.A"), provides additional output format specifiers on querying (":sqlescape", ":utf8", ":cdata", etc.), provides an RPM 4 compatibility C API, and ships with new utilities ("rpmdigest", "rpmgrep", etc).

  •  04 Mar 2008 07:45

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  05 Feb 2008 14:16

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release.

  •  04 Feb 2008 18:04

Release Notes: rpm -Uvh foo.rpm did not stop with failed dependencies because the return code of rpmtsCheck() was always 0 (the traditional behavior was to return 0; the logic to check the return code was what caused the flaw).

  •  05 Jan 2008 09:50

Release Notes: This version builds portably on a wide variety of Unix platforms and includes initial support for XAR as a package format.


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