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RPGBoard is a WWWBoard-style message board script. It includes multiple forum support, thread modes, a message previewer/editor, message tags, selectable backgrounds, default options for the regulars, name detection via cookies, recent message date/time color coding, the ability for users/admins to (un)delete messages, top poster statistics, a hidden spoiler message box, the ability to ban IP addresses, a word filter to block cuss words, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jan 2003 19:20

    Release Notes: This release adds avatars, the ability to edit/move messages, and a spell check and post option. Messages with score != 0 were not being displayed, and there are many other bugfixes and feature enhancements.

    •  15 Aug 2001 01:00

      Release Notes: A new login screen, basing stats off of the log format (using the new stat cache), more stat accuracy, a new feature allowing posters to e-mail replies to the author, new bios screens for combined mini-bio stats, a UBB-style forum display index page, a new setting to change the sorting of index headers, better restrictions on HTML tags, a static message caching system, support for LZW (*.Z) compression, real-time error checking (among other things) in the configurator using JavaScript, and a new auto-save countdown feature using JavaScript.

      •  12 Mar 2001 01:11

        Release Notes: Message history logs (with times for each read/write/delete), ability to rebuild an index/loc/log file if missing, reading availability option, forum user passwords (IOW, restricted forums), fixes for some major linking/background problems with Hybrid mode, CSS fixes, multiple language module support, keyboard typo SpellChecker, and various other features/bugfixes.

        •  15 Oct 2000 21:24

          Release Notes: A fix for a major security hole in the !!default scheme, a new language module, thread modes for forums, mailing list to forum bridge, CSS-style fonts, a greatly improved quote button, lesser-admin passwords for seperate forums, and more new features and bugfixes.

          •  04 Nov 1999 05:34

            Release Notes: A bug was fixed that caused Date to show the wrong month in "d Mon yyyy" setting, and a major bug that made the reply form fail to appear was fixed.

            Recent comments

            08 Oct 2001 14:41 sineswiper

            Re: Crappy, really crappy...

            There's been an interesting "faction" of groups between the UBB (and clones) junkies and the RPGBoard users, thus people's opinions of the two script formats vary greatly on both ends of the scale.  It is true that RPGBoard was (at the very beginning stages, about five years ago) modelled after WWWBoard, and the UBB clones (such as Ikonboard, WWWThreads, etc.) modelled after (of course) UBB.  So, there are two different formats which people are used to.  I dare say that RPGBoard is the best message board script for the WWWBoard-style of MBs.

            Also, RPGBoard takes functionality and configurability over style and looks.  Because of this, you'll wind up with a less Microsoft approach to RPGBoard (cover up the bugs and lack of functionality with fading menus and more screensavers), and more of a GNU-programmers' approach (get the thing to work and work well, then worry about making it look good).  Unlike some of these people, I actually run a popular MB ( and know both the poster's and admin's POV.

            I'll give props to the UBB clones for a nice & neat tabular format, but when it comes to actually posting on these boards, I really miss the features that I've come accustomed to (such as Load/Save messages, the expanded text box, No Text messages, a decent spell checker, etc.), something which the regulars of a MB really appreciate.  (I have a feature comparison of various MB scripts here (

            I've been trying to merge the two worlds, but it's a long and gruelling process, especially when dealing with two vastly different MB styles.

            14 Aug 2001 21:08 unixman

            Crappy, really crappy...
            I really do not understand all the above praises. The board is really crappy. Honestly, if you are looking for a board, do not bother with this one. Give mwforum, phpbbs, colloquius, ikonboard, etc a try...

            14 Aug 2001 09:09 sineswiper

            Ugh...we're back!
            I've had my domain name hi-jacked, but everything is back up on  Sorry about the mess, but everybody's recommended to update to the latest beta version to (at the very least) update the ResonatorSoft links.  BTW, don't go to if you're at the office :P

            25 Apr 2000 10:37 mobby

            I started out using WWWBoard, and it filled my needs. Then I saw RPGBoard and it impressed me beyond words. It has everything I want. I first saw it when a friend installed it to play around with it. It sold me. This is top level stuff! Keep it coming!

            22 Oct 1999 09:07 grafeeky

            Ths is a most excellent piece of software for new and more experienced web admins. It was very easy to install and the FAQ is all the documentation you should need. The web based administration is easy and well defined. As long as you have a well running Apache server, this is great.
            Thank you SineSwiper for a job well done.


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