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rpCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator for X. It works much like an HP calculator, and all of the commands can be entered using the keyboard or a mouse. rpCalc is based on the PyQt library.

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  •  25 Jan 2014 23:32

Release Notes: rpCalc was ported from Python 2 to Python 3, along with some minor code cleanup and other tweaks.

  •  14 Oct 2008 17:17

Release Notes: A base conversion dialog was added to convert between hexadecimal, octal, binary, and decimal numbers. Also, display options were added to separate thousands with spaces and for engineering notation.

  •  03 Oct 2006 04:36

Release Notes: The program was ported to the Qt 4 library. This involved a significant rewrite and clean-up of the code.

  •  12 Mar 2004 08:00

Release Notes: The size and position of the main and extra windows are now saved at exit. Installation script problems with certain versions of Python have been fixed.

  •  17 Nov 2003 06:47

Release Notes: Either commas or periods can be used as decimal points to accommodate European keyboards and customs. An instalaltion script was added for Linux and Unix systems.


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