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rp-pppoe is a PPPoE client and server suite for Linux. It is fully RFC-compliant and supports cookies, relay-IDs, and multiple simultaneous PPPoE discovery phases. It is cleanly coded and fairly efficient, and supports kernel-mode PPPoE on Linux 2.4 and 2.6.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Aug 2012 18:38

    Release Notes: This release adds support for MTU/MRU of 1500 as per RFC 4638. It also includes many bugfixes and enhancements that have accumulated in the four years since the previous release.

    •  30 Jun 2008 14:30

      Release Notes: Compilation problems on various platforms were fixed. The Makefiles now obey DESTDIR to relocate installed files. The kernel-mode PPPoE plugin is easier to compile, since you do no longer need to specify the path to pppd.h if it's installed under /usr/include.

      •  22 Jun 2008 13:32

        Release Notes: A new pppoe-server option lets you limit the number of sessions per MAC address. Various minor bugs were fixed.

        •  02 Apr 2006 15:20

          Release Notes: The code was refactored to shrink the size of the pppoe-executable. The ability to omit debugging code was also added. A bug in the MD5 code that caused pppoe-server to segfault on 64-bit architectures was fixed.

          •  17 Nov 2005 05:23

            Release Notes: A new -O option was added to pppoe-server to specify a different options file for pppd (instead of the default /etc/ppp/pppoe-server-options). A typo in the firewall-standalone sample firewall script and one in pppoe-connect were fixed. Some incorrect coding in was fixed. pppoe-server now prepends "nic-" to the interface name if used with the kernel-mode plugin, allowing the use of any Ethernet interface (not just ones starting with "eth").

            Recent comments

            06 Aug 2003 08:25 ccalvert

            Re: Roaring Penguin PPPoE client

            % I how configure this client.

            Just run adsl-setup and follow the prompts. Or run the GUI ((tkpppoe) and fill in the fields. It's pretty intuitive.

            10 Jul 2003 20:52 jorgesc

            Re: Roaring Penguin PPPoE client
            This PPPoE client works with Linux RedHat 9.0??
            and I how configure this client.
            It excuses by my ingles.

            30 Jun 2001 16:53 zaharazod

            Re: Roaring Penguin PPPoE client
            rp-pppoe is great software.. should be included
            with more CDROM distributions, imho (particularly
            with adsl on the rise as a solution for home

            ive noticed a wierd bug though, when i recompiled
            rp-pppoe for kernel 2.4.2: the pppoe kernel-mode
            works, but only root has access to the connection.
            has this happened to anyone else? is there an
            easy fix?

            05 Feb 2001 14:56 dskoll

            Re: Roaring Penguin PPPoE client

            > Linux 2.4.0 isn't really bleeding edge
            > anymore. PPPoE in the kernel plus pppd
            > 2.4.0 works like a charm.

            It does indeed. And the latest rp-pppoe (2.8) supports kernel-mode PPPoE, but with the same simple setup and start/stop scripts as user-mode PPPoE.

            05 Feb 2001 14:39 rel

            Re: Roaring Penguin PPPoE client

            > I have had great success with the
            > Roaring Penguin client and my PacBell
            > DSL account.
            > It runs in userspace, which means it's
            > not super-efficient, but I also don't
            > have to worry about a bleeding-edge
            > kernel module crashing my firewall. At
            > full tilt on my 1.5Mbps DSL line, the
            > pppoe CPU usage has spiked up to as high
            > as 70% on my 486 router/firewall. This
            > is fine with me, but something to think
            > about if you are using a low-powered
            > machine with other duties besides just
            > routing.

            Linux 2.4.0 isn't really bleeding edge anymore. PPPoE in the kernel plus pppd 2.4.0 works like a charm.


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