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  •  24 Mar 2005 06:17

Release Notes: Mac OS X support was added. syslogging of the username was added. Examples were added to the INSTALL file. The environment variable ROOTSH_SESSIONID is now set inside a running rootsh. The Irix logdir in was fixed. A bug that causing a core dump under SunOS5.9 with the -u option was fixed. A bug which sent an ugly last line to syslog under Linux was fixed.

  •  04 Dec 2004 20:04

Release Notes: For those who want to monitor users as soon as they log into a machine, rootsh can now be used as login shell in /etc/ passwd. For this purpose there is a new option --with- defaultshell= for configuring.

  •  26 Nov 2004 14:01

Release Notes: This release support login shells, becoming another user running a logged shell without becoming root, standalone mode without sudo, if you simply want to log your activities in an ordinary shell, the ability to chose a name for the log file in standalone mode, and the ability to turn off either syslog or filelog in standalone mode.


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