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  •  24 Mar 2005 06:17

Release Notes: Mac OS X support was added. syslogging of the username was added. Examples were added to the INSTALL file. The environment variable ROOTSH_SESSIONID is now set inside a running rootsh. The Irix logdir in was fixed. A bug that causing a core dump under SunOS5.9 with the -u option was fixed. A bug which sent an ugly last line to syslog under Linux was fixed.

  •  11 Feb 2005 17:56

Release Notes: Support for the SGI Irix operating system was added. The format of syslog messages was slightly changed to be RFC 3164 compliant.

  •  17 Dec 2004 21:13

Release Notes: Tamper detection code was added to endlogging(). The deletion of log files during a session is now recognized. A bug that caused random core dumps under HP-UX was fixed. Conditional compilation was implemented in basename.c for Cygwin. Many comments were added to the code.

  •  07 Dec 2004 13:52

Release Notes: Some xterm escape sequences could cause empty syslog messages. This was a critical error, since users could hide their actions in a syslog-only environment. This bug in stripesc has been fixed.

  •  04 Dec 2004 20:04

Release Notes: For those who want to monitor users as soon as they log into a machine, rootsh can now be used as login shell in /etc/ passwd. For this purpose there is a new option --with- defaultshell= for configuring.

  •  01 Dec 2004 11:52

    Release Notes: You can now call rootsh with additional commands. These will be passed to the shell. For example: sudo rootsh -i -u sapuser R3setup will be the same as su - sapuser R3setup plus logging. A hard-coded local5 syslog facility was corrected.

    •  26 Nov 2004 14:01

    Release Notes: This release support login shells, becoming another user running a logged shell without becoming root, standalone mode without sudo, if you simply want to log your activities in an ordinary shell, the ability to chose a name for the log file in standalone mode, and the ability to turn off either syslog or filelog in standalone mode.

    •  15 Nov 2004 16:26

    Release Notes: All planned features are implemented, and it's been in production use for some time. The renaming of log files when the corresponding session is finished helps keep log file directories clean in an enterprise environment. The comments have been made more readable. A small patch for FreeBSD has been added. Closed log files have ".closed" appended to their names.

    •  03 Sep 2004 21:18

    Release Notes: A new --with-linenumbering option was added to the configure script, which adds a line count prefix to lines sent to a syslog server. Consecutive numbering from 000 to 100 can be used as a prove that no syslog output was dropped or lost on the way to the syslog server. The session identifier is now the 4-digit hex representation of the process ID. Together with a timestamp it is used as the logfile name. On the syslog server there still may be colliding session identifiers, but together with the hostname they are unique. A new -V parameter that shows the features compiled in was implemented.

    •  27 Jul 2004 13:55

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


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