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Based on root-tail, Root-Portal allows you to log multiple log files into multiple desktop portals or mix them together in any combination with graphical backgrounds, transient backgrounds, shaded backgrounds, filtering and colourising, and many other features.


Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2005 03:12

    Release Notes: Compilation on some 64-bit systems was fixed.

    •  30 Oct 2003 22:05

      Release Notes: Ported to GNOME 2.

      •  29 Jul 2002 05:45

        Release Notes: In this version, the roottext module now works with the Nautilus desktop. A build problem and some crashes were also fixed.

        •  10 Nov 2001 02:49

          Release Notes: Fixes for compilation with gcc 3 and 64-bit architectures, more sensible window-manager hints on gnometext windows, and a minor change to the way filetail sends output.

          •  17 Dec 2000 04:19

            Release Notes: This release fixes a symlink attack in one of the shell scripts, improves performance of the process open/close module, adds a module to monitor /dev/console, fixes the building of RPMs, fixes a resizing problem with gnometext windows, and adds an option to not load the configuration window.


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