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Rock Dodgers

Rock Dodgers is a game in which you dodge the space rocks, use your shields, fire your thrusters, cross your fingers, and kiss your ship goodbye.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2002 22:23

    Release Notes: Greeblies are now infesting the rock field, and you must kill them all to make the universe safe. There are explosions, lasers, multiple levels, and joystick support.

    •  23 Feb 2002 05:03

      Release Notes: Explosions now work better (with fewer particles) on machines with lower CPU speeds.

      •  22 Oct 2001 20:43

        Release Notes: This is now a complete game, and any further development will be fiddling around the edges until the next major revision. The core features (a spaceship dodging space rocks) are all polished and complete. The aliens, guns, missiles, and spectacular cut-scenes are yet to come.

        •  09 Oct 2001 18:03

          Release Notes: This release has sound effects, music, and a high score table, making it a fully playable game.


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