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Roadsend PHP produces optimized stand alone applications, libraries, and Web applications from standard PHP source code. The compiler produces native machine code, not PHP byte code, so no interpreter is required. It is a new implementation of the PHP language and runtime environment compatible with Zend PHP. It does not share any code with the original PHP implementation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 13:45

    Release Notes: A new skeleton extension was added. A new C language API for accessing the runtime was added. Lots of runtime performance and compatibility fixes were made. Support for Iterator, IteratorAggregate, and ArrayAccess was added. Several portability fixes for MinGW and FreeBSD were made. A new test suite is available.

    •  18 Feb 2008 13:35

      Release Notes: Many optimizations to the runtime and Web backends were made. The sockets extension was implemented (TCP only). Several bugs in the runtime and build system were fixed.

      •  17 Jan 2008 15:05

        Release Notes: A major bug preventing a source install from finding the config file has been fixed. FastCGI binaries can now spawn children. Runtime improvements were made.

        •  07 Jan 2008 13:31

          Release Notes: PHP 5 language features have been implemented. A PDO library supporting Sqlite and MySQL was added. Mac OS X support was improved. Many bugfixes were made.

          •  20 Aug 2007 14:07

            Release Notes: A port was made to Mac OS X. An important bug was fixed in the interpreter. Code is syntax highlighted in the step debugger. Several other minor bugfixes and build system updates were made.


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