Comments for Real Man's Compiler Collection

09 Dec 2012 21:54 not_avaible

Sorry, misspelled comment.
line 4: $ gcc files >& /dev/null ; echo "Yes."
line 6: $ gcc files >& /dev/null && echo "Yes." || echo "No."

09 Dec 2012 21:47 not_avaible

Real Man's Compiler Collection: Not a real compiler.
You can emulate it with one of the following commands:
# the one that fuller prefers
$ gcc <files and/or options> >& /dev/null && echo "Yes."
# or
$ gcc <files and/or options> >& /dev/null && echo "Yes." || echo "No."

07 Nov 2004 02:04 fuller

"Yes" only please.
This is great! Any chance you could modify it to always say &quot;Yes&quot;? I'm a real man and don't need ANY hints from the compiler to tell me that something is broken.

06 Nov 2004 03:59 Avian

Works great
This compiler works great! It compiles the Linux kernel without a problem. It also has the following undocumented feature: Compiler always returns exit code 0, which means that even make won't give you any annoying warning and error messages :)


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