Version 1.0 of remove/rename/move old files

Other releases

  •  30 Oct 2004 19:31

Release Notes: This version allows specifying the owner and group of created directories. A separate log file is kept for users to look at to see what files have been worked on. A whitelist now prevents modification in processing. Some calls to POSIX shell tools have been replaced by calling Perl modules when available.

  •  02 Aug 2004 02:54

Release Notes: Provisions for changing the owner and group of created directories were made. A separate log file is now kept for users and the ability to "whitelist" files was added. Some calls to shell tools were replaced by Perl modules.

  •  24 Feb 2002 02:00

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


A configuration tool for managing Linux kernel packet filtering rules of the nf_tables packet filter.


Project Spotlight


A Web-based administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.