Version 0.28 of rlwrap

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused termcap problems on Fedora Core 6.

Other releases

  •  05 May 2010 12:56

Release Notes: A compilation problem with gcc on armel has been fixed. Programs that emit status lines with lots of carriage returns (like darcs) will no longer confuse rlwrap.

  •  18 Jan 2010 00:58

    Release Notes: A few minor bugs (like double echo when accepting a line from vi command mode) have been fixed

    •  08 Jan 2010 19:14

      Release Notes: This release adds many small improvements and fixes for filtering and multi-line input. Cooking (i.e., coloring or re-writing) prompts can be avoided by "rejecting" them, from a filter, or when they don't match a given regexp. There now is a --one-shot option for easier use within shell scripts.

      •  20 Dec 2009 00:11

        Release Notes: This release fixes problems with keybindings for wide (e.g. UTF-8) characters and the handling of prefix arguments.

        •  26 Nov 2009 09:28

          Release Notes: This release fixes a screen corruption problem on Debian (and probably a few other) systems.


          Project Spotlight

          wsrep patch for MySQL

          A patch that enables MySQL to use wsrep replication plugins.


          Project Spotlight

          Aspose.Words for .NET

          A word processing component for .NET applications.