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rlwrap is a readline wrapper, a small utility that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command. It maintains a separate input history for each command, and can TAB-expand words using all previously seen words and/or a user-specified file.

Operating Systems

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  •  05 May 2010 12:56

Release Notes: A compilation problem with gcc on armel has been fixed. Programs that emit status lines with lots of carriage returns (like darcs) will no longer confuse rlwrap.

  •  18 Jan 2010 00:58

    Release Notes: A few minor bugs (like double echo when accepting a line from vi command mode) have been fixed

    •  08 Jan 2010 19:14

      Release Notes: This release adds many small improvements and fixes for filtering and multi-line input. Cooking (i.e., coloring or re-writing) prompts can be avoided by "rejecting" them, from a filter, or when they don't match a given regexp. There now is a --one-shot option for easier use within shell scripts.

      •  20 Dec 2009 00:11

        Release Notes: This release fixes problems with keybindings for wide (e.g. UTF-8) characters and the handling of prefix arguments.

        •  26 Nov 2009 09:28

          Release Notes: This release fixes a screen corruption problem on Debian (and probably a few other) systems.

          RSS Recent comments

          30 Oct 2006 06:06 hlinden

          RPM files for Redhat, Centos and Unbreakable Linux
          I built RPMS for RHEL4/Centos4/blah blah.

          22 Jul 2006 20:04 Avatar crcx

          An excellent tool
          I do a lot of work in a console environment, and rlwrap is a very handy tool in many areas. It's well worth having for any systems administrator or serious programmer.

          03 Feb 2004 18:09 wyrickre Thumbs up

          Works well
          Just a note to say that rlwrap saved the day for me here at work. I use it to wrap a console based admin tool that has no command line editing or history.

          Keep up the good work!


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