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Version 0.5.0d of RKWard

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed in this release, including a crash when reaching the bottom of command history in a context sensitive search and a crash while inserting rows in a data.frame with string variables.

Other releases

  •  02 Apr 2013 21:49

Release Notes: This release adds support for R 3.0.0. Bugs have been fixed, and features have been added, with a focus on new options for plugin development.

  •  25 Oct 2012 20:13

Release Notes: Debugging features were added, several dialogs were reworked, and many plugins gained new features. Several bugs were fixed, and support for running on Mac OS X was added.

  •  24 Oct 2011 22:28

Release Notes: Support was added for the upcoming version 2.14.0 of R. The approach to downloading add-on packages has been reworked. Assorted new features have been added, and bugs have been fixed.

  •  30 May 2011 21:00

Release Notes: Besides bugfixes, this release brings a variety of new features. A new Ctrl+Tab window switching feature eases working with many documents. S4 slots and package namespaces can now be explored in the workspace browser. The output window can now also be used, easily, to document snippets of R code (including syntax highlighting) and the corresponding R output.

  •  19 Mar 2011 20:10

    Release Notes: The GUI frontend and R backend have been split into separate processes, in order to enhance stability and compatibility with certain R packages. Many bugs have been fixed, and many features have been improved.


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    A multi-platform Zenity clone.


    Project Spotlight


    A ncurses-based Jabber client.