Version 0.7 of RingyDingyDingy

Release Notes: This release adds an activation logger that tells you what commands were activated, when they were activated, who activated them, and what app was used (can be disabled). It has a new icon and the ability to choose what ringtone RDD will use. Multiple pager messages will now accumulate in one dialog.

    Other releases

    •  26 May 2013 22:42

      Release Notes: This release improves interoperability with third-party SMS apps (specifically GO SMS Pro).

      •  08 Mar 2013 22:24

        Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when an empty page is sent. Empty pages are now treated just like remote rings (though they still use the pager's activation code, not the normal activation code).

        •  12 Aug 2012 13:32

        Release Notes: This release tweaks the layout of the activation log viewer and fixes a rare crash which could only occur when updating RingyDingyDingy from Google Play.

        •  10 Aug 2012 23:08

        Release Notes: This hotfix for 0.7.1 fixes a rare crash caused by a NullPointerException when tapping the notification to toggle RingyDingyDingy.

        •  04 Aug 2012 01:01

        Release Notes: A hotfix for 0.7 that fixes the help command. In 0.7, the help command returns an unknown command error.


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