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Remote Internet Connect

Remote Internet Connect simplifies connecting a Linux box to the Internet from another machine running any operating system. A simple GUI allows the user to quickly connect, disconnect, or see who is online.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2003 14:01

    Release Notes: When you change the colors, it will immediatly be activated. This release uses a package for the config file. It uses plain text, which makes editing a lot easier. A small bug was fixed, but this code was not used yet. The client is now also shipped with a JAR file.

    •  09 Mar 2003 11:08

      Release Notes: In this version, sound support has been added so that users are now able to hear who calls. The RIC Client plays user defined audio files. The layout of all the files has been improved. When the connection is lost to the RIC server, the client will reconnect automatically. With a startup parameter you can tell it which config file to use. This makes it possible to use RIC from a shared resource. Some annoying bugs were also fixed.

      •  08 Feb 2003 13:55

        Release Notes: When an RIC client receives a messages from the server, it now pops up and shows the detail screen automatically. The server now has a test mode if you use the test parameter on startup. This mode makes it possible to test the server on a Windows machine. Some documentation has been updated.

        •  04 Feb 2003 11:30

          Release Notes: Support for seeing who is online, relaying messages with TCP/IP, and popping up ISDN calls with isdn4all was added. The protocol now implements version control to ensure compatibility with future versions.

          •  10 Nov 2002 23:41

            Release Notes: The connect and disconnect buttons now control your personal state. All users simply connect and disconnect. The server controls the real connection; when nobody is connected, it will hang up. When someone else connects, users will get an MSN slide up message with "Internet Connection Available". Lots of small things have been added, like colors in the systray and a date in the text window. The Java server needs the new Java client.

            Recent comments

            09 Oct 2002 14:18 fastrack

            Nice Program
            I LIKE IT, it's a nice program.....

            Easy for your family to use,
            that's most likely the problem at
            our place ;-),



            16 Sep 2002 06:20 hotten

            New maintainer

            I'm the new maintainer of RIC, I use it a lot and I want more features wich I will try to make.
            Soon I will release a couple of updates for RIC.
            A friend of my will open a form soon so if you want to discuss about new feature it should have, or something else just do so.



            30 Apr 2002 10:15 leroy152

            The future of RIC
            I'm really happy with how RIC has turned out, it started out as a quick hack to make life easier for the other people in my house, and turned into a tutorial for me to deal with things like *nix programming and *shudder* VB =).

            This latest version (0.5), will probably be the last, unless bugs appear. All of it (to my knowledge) works, and works well, and I don't think there's much else I can do to improve or add to it.

            So yeah, have fun with it, add to it to suit your needs, write new clients, delete it, whatever =).



            12 Mar 2002 05:24 leroy152

            Whoops slight mistake there...
            I forgot to update the link to the 0.4 tarball for the release. Hopefully it'll be updated soon, 0.4 has some minor changes but it's worth upgrading to.

            16 Feb 2002 22:18 leroy152

            Re: win client error

            > Correction - I should have phrased my
            > statement better... performing the
            > MSWINSCK.OCX procedure did succeed in
            > registering the file. I did get the
            > "file successfully registered" message.
            > However, even with that being
            > successful, I still received the "Failed
            > to load control 'winsock' from
            > MSWINSCK.OCX..." error (yes, I rebooted
            > the PC to be sure). So, the web page fix
            > itself was good, but RIC still didn't
            > work for me. However, after a Google
            > search I found another MSWINSCK.OCX on
            > this web page -
            > - I registered that and tada! Now RIC
            > works!
            > Thank you!
            > Tony

            The daemon is pretty much complete, I think only bugfixes will be applied to it now (unless a feature smacks me around the head =), so my priority for the next release is to replace the VB client, with either a MSVC version or even a Java version.




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