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RhythmBox is music management and playback software, inspired by Apple's iTunes.


Recent releases

  •  14 Feb 2006 06:57

    Release Notes: The first-run druid and generic player support were fixed. The watches library can now be in non-local places. Better error messages are now displayed when gstreamer is missing. Normal warnings are now emitted instead of critical ones. A crash that occurred when gstreamer returned NULL strings was fixed. Network byte order is now used for DAAP content codes.

    •  17 Nov 2004 16:07

      Release Notes: New features include Ogg support for Internet radio, ReplayGain support, and automatic playlists based on rating. Numerous bugs have also been fixed.

      •  02 Mar 2004 15:02

        Release Notes: This release requires at least GStreamer 0.7.4, as it uses the new metadata framework in order to not depend on libid3tag, libflac, etc., anymore for file indexing. If you have a GStreamer plugin, you can both play back that format and load it into your library, and you don't even need to recompile Rhythmbox. Many bugfixes and translation updates were also made.

        •  02 Mar 2004 10:56

          Release Notes: This version features lots of build fixes, minor bugfixes, a few minor enhancements, and updated translations.

          •  08 Aug 2002 03:09

            Release Notes: Rhythmbox has been completely rewritten; the UI has been redesigned, translations have been added, and it should be a lot more stable.

            Recent comments

            08 Nov 2004 01:18 kwayne

            At first I didn't like this program.

            But it has really grown on me.

            If you combine it with easytag to tag all your files, this program is a good one for listening to music.

            you need good tags for this program to work well.



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