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Version 1.0 beta 22 of Restlet

Release Notes: This is an intermediary release before 1.0 RC1. It adds support for XML results in the JDBC client connector. A few bugs have been fixed and the API cleaned up. Many classes have been finalized to be more explicit about what is expected to be extended by developers.

Other releases

Release Notes: 11 bugs have been fixed. Jetty has been updated to version 6.1.15. The JAX-RS extension now dynamically loads optional providers. JAXB has been updated to version 2.1.10. Grizzly has been updated to version 1.9.10.

  •  23 Apr 2009 09:06

Release Notes: The Resource and Security APIs were refactored, adding focused support for annotations and client resources and support for roles, permissions, realms, groups, organizations, etc. Packages were restructured to better separate major aspects and simplify deployments. Restlet API and Engine were merged. New connectors were added for Lucene Solr, HTTPS, and JAR and Zip. Semantic Web support was provided with a new RDF extension. Scripting languages can now be used to develop resources and representations.

Release Notes: Security was refactored, and the package was added. Packages were restructured, and the engine was merged into the API module. Connector enhancements for the Lucene Solr client, and HTTPS is supported by the internal client. Semantic Web initial support was added by adding RDF related classes.

  •  24 Jan 2009 20:26

Release Notes: Twenty bugs were fixed. The following dependencies were upgraded: jSSLutils to version 0.5.1, Grizzly to version 1.9.4, JSON library to the latest version, FreeMarker to 2.3.15, and Spring to 2.5.6.

Release Notes: Better HTTP support (partial downloads, resumable uploads, or content integrity validation). Full support for WADL with automatic and always in sync documentation of REST APIs. A very complete implementation of JAX-RS 1.0. A new Restlet-GWT module. New extensions for JAXB 2.1, JiBX 1.1, Spring 2.5, OAuth, OSGi, Oracle XDB, and SSL. Improved support for Atom and APP. A new POP3 connector. A new Grizzly NIO HTTP server connector. A new internal HTTP client and server connectors.


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