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ResCafé is a Swing-based Java utility for reading and extracting resources such as ICONs and MENUs from the Resource Forks of Macintosh files. In particular, it allows Linux users to use nifty Mac-only icons with their favorite desktop, e.g., KDE. It is somewhat similar to ResEdit on MacOS except that it is not an editor; it operates on files in a read-only fashion. The various resource types are parsed by auto-detected plugin handler classes.


Recent releases

  •  13 Dec 2000 00:21

    Release Notes: The program now fully supports 32-bit icons with 8-bit alpha channel (from the 'icns' type), which are saved as PNG files. A new application called ResPresso was added which is a text-only command-line variant that can do quick saves of resources. Additionally, there are some general improvements in icon and plugin location and loading.

    •  27 Nov 2000 23:08

      Release Notes: Some minor code modifications to solve problems with Java 1.3, an opening splash screen with notifications about the loading procedure, and the beginnings of an 'icns' plugin (unfortunately, this does not parse the 32-bit components, which are the most important part of 'icns').

      •  15 Jul 2000 22:36

        Release Notes: Completely replaced Jimi with XpmImage for all code including plugins. Also fixed ResCafe top class so multiple files can be loaded on the commandline.

        •  25 May 2000 02:47

          Release Notes: Support was added for mouse click sorting of plugin display columns. A custom XpmImage class that supports masks was added so icons will be properly exported to XPM files. The beginnings of GUI windows were added to track the loaded plugins and what types they can handle.

          •  28 Oct 1999 22:03

            Release Notes: Put icon loading and plugin scanning into Java Threads resulting in faster start up, added menu shortcuts and mnemonics, added support for multiple open documents using the new DocumentManager class and open docs are accessible through the 'Documents' menu.


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