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  •  11 Sep 2006 09:44

Release Notes: This release includes numerous small cleanups and improvements. It fixes the dreaded "infinite relogin" bug.

Release Notes: The full changelog contains over 500 "interesting" changes and over 1000 commits. The RT UI has been redone in XHTML and CSS. Users have the ability to customize their RT home page and set their default search preferences. Basic reporting and charting, reminders on tickets, the ability to make custom fields link to and include content from other systems, and bulk updating of custom fields have been added.

Release Notes: Assorted changes were made.

  •  24 Jun 2003 04:27

Release Notes: This version includes dozens of enhancements and corrections to RT 3.0.2, which has been available since late May. Highlights include significantly enhanced support for non-ASCII character sets, much more robust handling of bogus input data, and massive performance improvements for some configurations.

  •  16 Apr 2003 07:30

Release Notes: A number of issues have been corrected (primarily several UTF-8 related issues and an issue that could cause corruption of binary attachments).

Release Notes: The new Web interface is prettier, easier to use, and more standards-compliant. The installation process has been overhauled and now uses autoconf. The "Scrips" system is now even more powerful, and custom scripts can be created straight from the Web interface.

  •  15 Oct 2002 02:54

Release Notes: This release includes a patch that allows the installation of RT's libraries when using DESTDIR, and fixes a problem that could cause mail loops when using a buggy MailTools. The quoting of sender names in "From" headers was fixed, and a Debian package was created.

Release Notes: This version adds support for the newly released HTML::Mason 1.1x series (but it will still work version 1.0x). There is now easier installation for new users, the ability to directly comment and reply from the "Bulk Update" interface, and a number of minor bugfixes and enhancements.

  •  28 Mar 2002 00:17

Release Notes: Previous versions contain a remotely exploitable defect which would allow a remote user to gain administrative access. All users must upgrade or patch immediately.

Release Notes: A number of small bugfixes and improvements, as well as one "big" new feature. Highlights include support for "Cc" and "Bcc" on ticket update, a fix for not always properly forwarding message content when sending notifications on certain MIME messages, a fix for denying certain actions that the user actually had rights for, and automatic installation of default recommended Scrips.


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