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  •  25 Jul 2001 12:36

Release Notes: Significant fixes were made to mailing, ACLs, the CLI, the Web UI, and other aspects of the system.

Release Notes: Better support for running in taint mode, fixes to attachment processing, switching to Apache::Cookie for the mod_perl frontend, a functional fastcgi handler, fixes to allow search-by-requestor to search for requestors who don't have RT accounts, a fix for the weird sessiondata permissions bug on Solaris, a fix to the description of watcher limits, a fix for a bug in that broke Apache::Cookie, cleanups to SelectMatch and PickRestriction to clear up the UI issues with searching for Tickets from a given requestor, and confirming that a change to made the importer work for at least one user who couldn't get imports working before.

Release Notes: This version is a complete rewrite which has been in development and testing for the past 15 months. The revamped ACL system allows incredibly granular rights to be granted to individual users or groups. A flexible 'Keywords' system allows a local site to keep track of ticket metadata in the most sensible way. The new 'Scrips' system allows sites to drop in custom business logic which persists transparently across system upgrades. An extensible linking system has been added which allows you to tie tickets to each other and to external databases. RT now supports dependencies, parent-child relationships and generic relationships.

  •  26 Jun 2001 13:58

Release Notes: Fixes to the Web interface stacktrace when linking to tickets the user has no permssion to view and when trying to delete ACLs the user has no permission to delete.

  •  25 Jun 2001 01:44

Release Notes: This release includes clean-ups to the bulk ticket manipulator, as well as improvements to documentation.

Release Notes: This release includes a new 'Bulk Ticket Manipulator' tool to make it easy to perform the same action on multiple tickets.

Release Notes: Miscellaneous minor fixes were made. The not-yet-supported mason_handler.fcgi is fairly close to being a viable alternative for users who are getting burned by mod_perl. When looking at tickets from a search, you should now see next / prev links to navigate the search.

  •  09 Jun 2001 04:37

Release Notes: 1.3.99 is a prerelease of RT 2.0 beta3.

  •  06 Jun 2001 09:39

Release Notes: This version features a more capable RT1 to RT2 migration tool, as well as other minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: New RT 1.0 to RT2 migration tool. All known release-critical bugs fixed.


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