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20 Aug 2006 00:31 morcego

Finally a new release
After almost 3 years, release 1.4.0 of the stable branch is avaliable.

14 Jan 2002 14:23 morcego

Development branch
Reply-O-Matic now has a development tree/branch.
This reflects primarily on the cvs repository. The old "rom" repository is deactivated, and now we have two repositories: "stable" and "devel".
The "stable" repository contains, right now, the 0.99 tree, while
the "devel" repository contains the 1.1-devel tree.
There will be no .tar.gz release of the development tree for now, at least til the 1.0 release is out.
If anyone cares to take a look, there are some nice new features on the development tree. Just be careful, it was not widely tested yet, and may explode without warning.

08 Jan 2002 13:22 morcego

1) Create a manpage -> 0.6.X (2002/01/09)
2) Make ROM automaticaly detect the correct mimetype for the attachment -> 0.7.X (2002/01/11)
3) Organize the documentation and final tests -> 0.99.X (2002/01/12-13)
4) Official Release -> 1.0 (2002/01/18)

As you can see, nothing fancy. I'll be accepting sujections before I release 0.99. After that, only bugfixes. So, if you want ROM to do something new, hurry and send me an e-mail.

The dates are a pure guess. It can happer earlier or latter, depending on the time I have to work on it.


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