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Reply-o-Matic is a highly configurable and secure auto-reply software, to be used in conjunction with any Mail Delivery/Transfer Agent or local delivery agent. It provides an easy, uniform way to autoreply to email messages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2007 12:36

    Release Notes: A new -e flag that allows the definition of the character set of the contents of -s and -b was added.

    •  31 Oct 2006 05:32

      Release Notes: A segfault class bug related to the -f flag was fixed.

      •  24 Aug 2006 06:06

        Release Notes: Handling of invalid email addresses was improved. Handling of child processes on exit was improved.

        •  20 Aug 2006 08:00

          Release Notes: Failure to open an attachment file is now correctly detected. Some memory leaks were fixed, so -a and -b work correctly together now. The MIME ending boundary for attachments was fixed. The MIME-Version header was added. Code cleanup and syntax fixes were done. -Wall should produce no warnings now. raw_to_base64 handling was fixed. A workaround for the lack of the isblank() function on Solaris was implemented. Some other minor, miscellaneous fixes were done.

          •  26 Nov 2003 02:33

            Release Notes: This version fixes the problem with the attachment being renamed to ".", fixes a problem where -R was not using the given value, now delivers list and bulk message (but will not reply to them), adds preliminary ignore ability, adds the ability to control rates and ignores on the user home directory, and has spell-checked everything.

            Recent comments

            20 Aug 2006 00:31 morcego

            Finally a new release
            After almost 3 years, release 1.4.0 of the stable branch is avaliable.

            14 Jan 2002 14:23 morcego

            Development branch
            Reply-O-Matic now has a development tree/branch.
            This reflects primarily on the cvs repository. The old "rom" repository is deactivated, and now we have two repositories: "stable" and "devel".
            The "stable" repository contains, right now, the 0.99 tree, while
            the "devel" repository contains the 1.1-devel tree.
            There will be no .tar.gz release of the development tree for now, at least til the 1.0 release is out.
            If anyone cares to take a look, there are some nice new features on the development tree. Just be careful, it was not widely tested yet, and may explode without warning.

            08 Jan 2002 13:22 morcego

            1) Create a manpage -> 0.6.X (2002/01/09)
            2) Make ROM automaticaly detect the correct mimetype for the attachment -> 0.7.X (2002/01/11)
            3) Organize the documentation and final tests -> 0.99.X (2002/01/12-13)
            4) Official Release -> 1.0 (2002/01/18)

            As you can see, nothing fancy. I'll be accepting sujections before I release 0.99. After that, only bugfixes. So, if you want ROM to do something new, hurry and send me an e-mail.

            The dates are a pure guess. It can happer earlier or latter, depending on the time I have to work on it.


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