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replimenu is a small menu program mainly for configuration/installation scripts. It's not as powerful as "dialog" but it's small, does the job, and is very customizable. replimenu does not use curses.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2004 04:38

    Release Notes: On slow consoles (such as VESA framebuffer) the menu would flicker whenever moving up or down the menu. This has now been fixed. Inputboxes, msgboxes, and yesnoboxes can now have a multi-line message in them.

    •  13 Oct 2003 02:25

      Release Notes: Some features found in a patch for the DIET-PC project have been reproduced. The spacebar has the same effect as return on checkboxes and radiobuttons. There is a new defaultfromenv type which initializes an item's 'default' variable (if 'default' is empty in the menu file) by taking the value from the RM_name environment variable (the name is the value of the 'name' variable). The help '-h' TTY problem has been fixed: the isatty() check is now after the getopt() code, so it's now possible to run "replimenu -h | less".

      •  13 Aug 2003 23:38

        Release Notes: This release includes five new types: hidden, password, chain, auto, and msgbox. There is a new exitafterauto variable. The command line options: -g, -a, and -e have been added. 'notempty' characteristics have changed. One bug that caused segfaults has been found and resolved. Support for an alternative caption for input boxes and yesno types using the new `icaption' menu structure member is included. You may now type "make PREFIX=/usr_or_whatever install" to easily install somewhere other than /usr/local.

        •  05 Jul 2003 02:22

          Release Notes: You may now use "dummy" items as both first and last menu items.

          •  29 Mar 2003 13:34

            Release Notes: The new features in this release include an exit code proxy (for conditional exits), new variables (nocls and br), and the ability to execute commands in `QUIT' menu items.


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