RSS All releases of Remote Launcher Server

  •  18 Sep 2013 23:47

Release Notes: This release adds the ability for clients to add/edit/delete launchers. It adds an option to show update notifications in the server log only. It adds a show/hide window option in the systray menu.

  •  14 May 2013 09:10

Release Notes: An issue with spaces in paths was fixed. Multiple clients can now connect at the same time. A crash was fixed.

  •  23 Jan 2013 02:38

Release Notes: This release makes it possible to use pipes and redirects in commands. It fixes a bug which made the text-only version always use the default port.

  •  17 Jul 2012 23:24

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with launchers with "(" or ")" in their paths. The password is now removed when the server is uninstalled.

  •  05 Jul 2012 01:51

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused the log and configuration files to be stored in the wrong place if the user changed the desktop location in Windows. It also fixes an issue which occurred when launching programs with whitespaces in the path.

  •  11 Mar 2012 18:44

Release Notes: This release adds an option to show output from launchers in the server log. It fixes a bug that made Remote Launcher freeze if a launcher generated too much output.

  •  13 Aug 2011 23:11

Release Notes: A graphical launcher configuration tool was added. Minor UI fixes were made. A GPL header was added to files that were missing it.

  •  13 Jul 2011 13:27

Release Notes: A bug that made the server stop if an invalid launcher ID was received was fixed. A preferences dialog was added. The possibility to configure the server port was added.

  •  19 May 2011 20:53

Release Notes: This release adds a file watcher for the config file so that changes made with an external editor are reflected without the need to restart the server. This is useful when running the server is in text mode only.

  •  27 Apr 2011 22:07

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that prevented the server from starting in hidden mode. The main window is now properly hidden to the systray if it was hidden when exiting. The behaviour of the close button has been changed to hide the server to systray.


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