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Remind is a full-featured calendar/reminder program featuring sophisticated date calculation, moon phases, sunrise/sunset, Hebrew calendar, alarms, PostScript output, an X front-end, multilingual messages, and proper handling of holidays. It also includes scripts for making a nice WWW calendar server.

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  •  22 Mar 2013 21:25

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release. The most important change is an improvement in the accuracy of the sunrise/sunset functions.

  •  23 Jan 2012 23:33

    Release Notes: Many substitution sequences "%x" have an alternate mode denoted by "%*x". This alternate mode leaves out prepositions. In addition to this new feature, a serious bug in the dawn/dusk calculation routine was fixed.

    •  16 Dec 2011 22:08

    Release Notes: The sunrise calculation was changed to consider dawn to be standard Civil Dawn when the sun is six degrees below the horizon. There were several documentation cleanups and corrections and a few minor code cleanups.

    •  01 Nov 2010 16:37

    Release Notes: A new THROUGH keyword lets you omit ranges of dates and simplifies some reminders. Remind now correctly supports multibyte characters (such as UTF-8) in text-mode calendar output. A given reminder can now have multiple TAG clauses. A few minor bugs were fixed.

    •  21 Jun 2010 02:18

    Release Notes: A new "purge mode" has been added to clean expired reminders out of reminder files. TkRemind has been enhanced to support the DURATION keyword.


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