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RelEx is an English-language semantic dependency relationship extractor, built on the Carnegie-Mellon Link Grammar parser. It can identify subject, object, indirect object, and many other syntactic dependency relationships between words in a sentence; it generates dependency trees, resembling those of dependency grammars, and specifically, those of Dekang Lin's MiniPar and the Stanford parser. It accomplishes this by applying a sequence of rules, based on the local context, and thus resembles constraint grammar in its implementation. In this sense, it implements some of the ideas of Hudson's Word Grammar. However, unlike other dependency parsers, RelEx attempts a greater degree of semantic normalization.

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  •  14 Oct 2009 12:19

    Release Notes: Most notable in this release is the addition of a mode that provides output compatible with the Stanford dependency parser. This exercise reinforced ideas of how RelEx differs from, and in many ways is more advanced than other dependency parsers. RelEx provides more normalization, particularly for questions, which makes it a better starting point for reasoning and question-answering systems. The compatibility mode is currently in beta.


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