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RegressionSuite is a software test suite that incorporates measurements of startup lag and accurate execution times, generating execution statistics, customized input distributions, and processable regression specific details as part of the regular unit tests. It provides a framework around which the individual unit regressors are invoked (and details and statistics collected). Unit regressors are grouped into named regressor sets (or modules), and regressors are created by implementing specific regressor interfaces. These two features make regressors particularly amenable to testing analytics (and other similarly state-light) modules.


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Regresssion Suite 11 Jun 2012

RegressionSuite is a software test suite that incorporates measurement of the startup lag, measurement of accurate execution times, generating exec...

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  •  23 Jan 2014 21:19

    Release Notes: This release adds basis spline library extensions, b spline functionality, spline-based discount curve build-out, spline-based forward curve build-out, and canned product metric calculation.

    •  18 Aug 2013 16:18

      Release Notes: This release adds samples and tests for curve regressions, curve Jacobian regressions, Spline regressions, and Fixed Point Finder regressions.

      •  12 Jun 2012 12:48

        Release Notes: Execution time distributions are generated, giving a precise measurement of the isolated execution time, factoring initialization and other event-related delays. Enhanced testing provides correlated input generation and success/failure separation. A pluggable automated framework is provided for process/exec control, invocation freedom, statistics and details generation, and interfaces for unit regressors and sets.


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