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Release Notes: The PHP Web interface supports live links for keywords, authors, and periodicals which are displayed as "tag clouds". Automatic format detection from local files is done, and has a type-sensitive form for editing data. RefDB implements all SRU operations (explain, searchRetrieve, scan) with MODS output, and conforms to CQL Level 2. Namespaced XML output allows processing of schema-based TEI P5 and DocBook V.5.0 documents. Raw bibliographies were added. Searching for and styling of less-common fields was improved.

Release Notes: The new checkref command provides an analysis of new data and allows you to identify duplicate references as well as spelling variants or synonyms of keywords, author names, and periodicals. Each user can now create an unlimited number of personal reference lists. Support for citation-key based citation styles was added. RefDB can now color and size keywords, periodicals, and author names in the (X)HTML output according to their frequency (similar to tag clouds). A new maintenance mode of refdbd now simplifies upgrading RefDB. All get* commands support a limit:offset syntax.

Release Notes: This release adds a script for the initial setup of a RefDB installation. There are numerous fixes in the bibliography support, the data import and export, and the character encoding support, as well as several other assorted bugfixes.

Release Notes: The client-server protocol was rewritten to improve error reporting and recovery. The server now supports sqlite3 as a database engine, support for MySQL 4.0 and later was improved, and support for character encodings was enhanced. References can now contain multiple links to URLs, and extended notes can be marked public or private. Bibliographies can now render titles in place of missing authors. All manuals and DTD descriptions are now shipped with the sources. An interactive tool to create bibliography styles and two scripts to backup and restore databases were added.

Release Notes: The bibliography formatting capabilities were overhauled thoroughly. Support was added for YMD style dates and titles formatted with initial caps. Bibliography styles now allow you to specify indenting and font sizes. The bibliography tool now reports a list of the IDs or citation keys of missing works. The query language was extended with a ":TA:" pseudo target which searches in the titles in all bibliographic levels. The configuration of the XML toolchain is now simpler, as it supports XML catalogs. A serious bug in the refdbxp tool was fixed.

Release Notes: Extended notes can be linked to any number of references, keywords, author or periodical names. References can be retrieved by their attached notes and vice versa. The application server now performs character encoding conversions for data import and export. The query language now offers a choice between literal matches and regexp matches for string comparisons.

Release Notes: Import and export of a RIS-compatible XML file format was added. Handling of citation keys was improved. Processing XML documents no longer requires Jade. A manual keyword scan was added. Several bugs in the bibliography code and a bunch of platform issues on OSX were fixed. A new Perl module to write custom clients was added.

Release Notes: This version supports a zero-administration embedded SQL engine with a platform-independent file format as an alternative to MySQL or PostgreSQL. The MARC and Pubmed import filters were improved, the installation was further simplified, and the Makefile-based document management was further enhanced. A boatload of bugs was fixed. A "refdb-starterkit" containing the RefDB sources as well as the sources of all required libraries and Perl modules is available too.

Release Notes: This release supports MySQL and PostgreSQL, citation keys, and automatic keyword scanning. It offers greatly-simplified citation notation for SGML and XML documents, a new import filter for MARC data, and a new backend for TEI XML data. The docbook backend has been improved. Bibliography styles can now be exported to XML files, and a set of example files has been added.

Release Notes: Automatically customizing and installing data files (DTDs, stylesheets, and CGI templates), a new command set in refdba and refdbc to change configuration variables during a session, a new refdbc configuration variable that allows you to display additional fields by default in screen and HTML query output, and a fix for a query bug involving arcane fields (SN, T3, and a few more). This release should build cleanly on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Windows/Cygwin.


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