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RedQueryBuilder fills the gap between a hand coded "quick search" and a full blown query language. A typical use is in an intranet Web application where experienced users need a quick ad-hoc way to find particular data. This means they don't have to use report frameworks or ask a techie. To use it in your app, you just need to drop in the JS, feed it the metadata for your database, then handle the change events to get the SQL and argument values.


RSS Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2013 23:29

    Release Notes: Better support for GWT and several bugfixes.

    •  28 Sep 2013 08:07

      Release Notes: This release provided more flexibility for adding CSS class names to specific elements via the meta data. Support for running from the local file system in all browsers was added. Small bugs were fixed. RedQueryBuilder is now released under the EPL with source on Github.

      •  14 May 2013 19:22

      Release Notes: This release supports "IN" using multiple select and speeds rendering.


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