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Release Notes: librdf_new_statement_from_statement() was restored to the original copy semantics, and a new deep copy function was added. Several functions were added for cross-library (DLL) memory management. A few new APIs were added and several bugs fixed.

Release Notes: A few URI and node reference leaks were fixed after changes made earlier for Raptor V2. Parser class methods were added to parse from I/O stream sources. A query class static method was added to get query language descriptions. Unused and Raptor-duplicate internal code was removed and other code cleanups were performed, fixing unused variables and values found via GCC 4.6, LLVM, clang, and valgrind. Other minor fixes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: The code has been synchronized with the Raptor 1.0.0 RDF parser library release. A new RDF utility processing rdfproc has been added. Other minor API improvements and bugfixes have been made.

Release Notes: A Java interface has been added to go along with C, Perl, Python, and Tcl. The Raptor RDF parser has been updated to version 0.9.3, and N-Triples support has been added.

Release Notes: A new TCL interface, the Rapier RDF parser (alpha quality), and fixes to Perl interface and Perl RDF::RSS method as_xhtml for simple RSS 1.0 to (X)HTML formatting.


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