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Release Notes: Redland was updated to use the new Rasqal 0.9.16 API (incompatible with earlier versions) and was updated to use Raptor 1.4.18. A new "trees" indexed in-memory storage was added. Improvements were made to low-memory and other failures of resource allocation. Some minor API additions and changes were made to the concepts, parser, and serializer classes.

Release Notes: The code was updated to use Rasqal RDF query library 0.9.15 and Raptor RDF parser/serializer library 1.4.16. An optional modular storage layout configuration was added. Low-memory and other failures of resource allocation were improved. Transaction support and other fixes were made to the SQLite storage. Many other fixes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: The code was updated to use Rasqal RDF query library 0.9.14 and Raptor RDF parser/serializer library 1.4.15. A new transaction API was added, implemented with MySQL for consistent changes to the graph. A new query results formatter class was added. Many other bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release uses newer libraries for RDF Parsing (Raptor 1.4.3) and SPARQL querying (Rasqal 0.9.13), has greatly impoved SQLite storage, and allows serializing to a syntax from a triple stream. There are many other bugfixes and minor improvements.

Release Notes: Updated to use the Rasqal 0.9.12 RDF query library to get SPARQL version 2006-04-06 and JSON results. Updated to use the Raptor 1.4.9 RDF parsing library with many improvements. Fixes many crashes in parsing and serializing.

Release Notes: The Raptor parser/serializer library was updated to 1.4.8. The rasqal RDF query library was updated to 0.9.11 to support SPARQL version 2005-11-13. A PostgreSQL storage backend was added. The documentation was improved to 100% API coverage by use of gtk-doc. Other minor fixes and changes were made.

Release Notes: A crash has been fixed which occurred when querying or searching with the API returned no results. This release has been updated to use Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.10 to provide SPARQL query results sorting and to use Raptor RDF Parser Library 1.4.7 to fix crashes in the RSS tag soup parser and serializer and RDF/XML serializers.

Release Notes: Update to use the latest Rasqal RDF query library providing updated SPARQL support, and the latest Raptor RDF syntax library providing GRDDL parsing and updated RSS enclosures support. The MySQL store key handling was updated to be endianness-neutral. Querying the SQLite store was fixed to return all data. The digest and hash classes were exported to the public API. Empty iterators and streams now always return objects. Other Win32 portability fixes and many API changes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: The library was made V1.0.0. The rasqal RDF query library was updated to 0.9.6 for better query and SPARQL support. The raptor RDF parser and serializing library was updated to 1.4.5 for new new RDF/XML abbreviated serializer, improved RSS tag soup parser, and an RSS 1.0 serializer. A new experimental SQLite storage was added.

Release Notes: The license was changed to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2. Support for the SPARQL RDF query language was added using the Rasqal library. Better serialization to RDF/XML and N-Triples was added via Raptor. Other minor API additions and bugfixes were made.


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A PHP object model manager for PostgreSQL.


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A geocaching query tool.