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Release Notes: Update to use the latest Rasqal RDF query library providing updated SPARQL support, and the latest Raptor RDF syntax library providing GRDDL parsing and updated RSS enclosures support. The MySQL store key handling was updated to be endianness-neutral. Querying the SQLite store was fixed to return all data. The digest and hash classes were exported to the public API. Empty iterators and streams now always return objects. Other Win32 portability fixes and many API changes and improvements were made.

Release Notes: The library was made V1.0.0. The rasqal RDF query library was updated to 0.9.6 for better query and SPARQL support. The raptor RDF parser and serializing library was updated to 1.4.5 for new new RDF/XML abbreviated serializer, improved RSS tag soup parser, and an RSS 1.0 serializer. A new experimental SQLite storage was added.

Release Notes: The license was changed to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2. Support for the SPARQL RDF query language was added using the Rasqal library. Better serialization to RDF/XML and N-Triples was added via Raptor. Other minor API additions and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: The language APIs were pulled out to the redland-bindings package. A query and query results API was added, providing RDQL searching of RDF. A new structured message logging API was added. The MySQL storage backend was enhanced to handle larger graphs. Portability fixes were made for Win32, and other minor bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Triple stores using MySQL, AKT triplestore, file, and URIs have been added. Raptor 1.2.0 support for parsing with Turtle has been included. Fixes have been made to compiling with C++, checking function arguments. API improvements have been made for accessing contexts, getting and setting features of store, model, and serializers. The rdfproc utility has been improved to better handle storage options. Many other fixes and improvements have been made.

Release Notes: Several API changes and modifications were made. Many portability fixes were made across architectures, systems, and interface langauges. The RDF parser was updated to Raptor 0.9.12. A major update in the Python API was made to use Python 2.2 features. Error recovery was improved, initial threading support was added, and many other bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Context support was added with pervasive changes in all the APIs. Ruby and PHP interfaces were added. Many bugfixes and documentation improvements were made to the Java, Perl, and Python APIs. Updates were made to use the Raptor 0.9.8 parser library. Many more minor bugfixes and changes were made.

Release Notes: A new Ruby API, a query interface, and serialization support were added. The Python API was greatly improved. Significant changes were made to the Perl and Java APIs. The package was updated to include Raptor 0.9.5 RDF/XML parser.

Release Notes: Substantial internal changes were made for threading and shared library support. Fixes were made to configure for expat variants. Debian package building support was added. The Rapier parser was updated to 0.9.1. Many other minor changes were made.


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