Version of Redland RDF Library Language Bindings

Release Notes: All the bindings were synchronised with the Redland RDF Library release 1.0.7. The deprecated Tcl, Java, and C# bindings were removed. Exception throwing was added to the PHP binding, and URI filtering added to the Python parser API.

Other releases

  •  14 Nov 2011 22:30

Release Notes: This version supports Redland librdf 1.0.14 with minor fixes for several languages including Perl Unicode fixes, PHP logging and error handling enhancements, and Python fixes to allow subclassing.

  •  08 Feb 2011 22:10

Release Notes: Updated to support Redland 1.0.13, which requires Rasqal 0.9.25 and Raptor 2.0.0 or newer. Improved configuration of installing Perl, Python, and Ruby for packagers. Several Python binding fixes and changes to make the API more Pythonic. Several other fixes for Ruby and other bindings.

  •  27 Sep 2010 15:31

Release Notes: This release synchronises with Redland 1.0.11, makes minor bug fixes to the Python binding for linking, and adds an experimental Lua binding.

Release Notes: The bindings were updated for Redland 1.0.10. Fixes were made to make the PHP bindings link. Configuring improvements were made for the Python bindings. Several other minor fixes were made to the Ruby bindings.

  •  06 Jul 2008 06:14

Release Notes: The language bindings were updated to use the Redland 1.0.8 API. The configuration now prefers pkg-config, which helps Mac OS X linking problems. Minor fixes were made to the Perl, Python, and Ruby bindings.


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Project Spotlight

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